Eventrra Entertainmet

We specialise in gate management, ticketing services, permit procurement, venue management and liaison services.

FULL SERVICE Event management

Our team members have over 15 years experience in the entertainment sector, and have worked in different areas such as planning, execution, promoting, marketing, venue management, security and gate and stage management. 


We automate and simplify the process of bringing people together at events, seminars and festivals

Gate Management

Our Gate management service includes a gate plan to facilitate an organized entry of patrons. We also provide staff for ticket scanning, banding and usually work in tandem with security officers.

Ticket Management

Our ticketing services encompass a 100% digital platform for purchasing tickets with an easy checkout experience for receiving barcodes which are used for entry to events.

Event Calendar

Our turn-key event calendar provides the ultimate gateway to all events. Not only limited to parties we provide support for all live events, festivals, expos and conferences.

Venue Management

Our Full-Service team provides venue management that removes the burden from organisers.

Liasion Services

Our team coordinates with local authorities, on-site security and venue management to give you a streamlined experience.

Permit Procurement

We are able to act on behalf of the planner in  permit procurement and doing liasons with government officials, security forces or persons who own or manage entertainment spaces.


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