Our network comprises of companies that elevate the entertainment industry, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase the efficiency of event operations

Generative Consultancy Firm


Generative Consultancy Firm

An innovative lead production, event management & bar service firm that specializes in efficient and customer-driven service

They guarantee their friendly and professional staff will provide exceptional service and curate the best experience for you and your guests.

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Dallas Building Shop # 2
32 Old Market Street
Spanish Town

Gentlecare EMS

Gentlecare EMS is a mobile healthcare and EMS service provider offering fully equipped ambulances for 24/7 emergency transportation. They have a trained emergency response team under medical doctor supervision.

They also provide on-site or standby services for events and functions.

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Shop #3, 157, Constant Spring Rd, Kingston

Elite Purified Drinking Water

Elite Purified Drinking Water stands as a distinguished industry leader in the provision of premium-quality water solutions, specializing in Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline Water. With an unwavering commitment to delivering pristine, refreshing, and health-conscious hydration options, we have redefined the way people experience drinking water.

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Aphrodite Events Logo


Aphordite Agency

At Aphrodite Agency, the company serves as more than merely a talent agency; it functions as a strategic partner dedicated to elevating their clients’ brands, extending their influence and reach. The agency’s roster comprises a diverse and dynamic array of models, brand ambassadors, content marketers, event staff, and event ambassadors, each thoughtfully selected to breathe life into the client’s unique vision.

For those seeking to leave an enduring mark at upcoming events or campaigns, Aphrodite Agency’s models radiate charm and confidence, while their brand ambassadors embody the very essence of the client’s brand, forging genuine connections with their target audience.

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Infinitum Jamaica

Infinitum Jamaica, an incorporated company, excels in world-class consultancy services with two distinct arms: Marketing and Research.
Their Marketing services encompass efficient strategies, including Social Media Management and Web Design. The Research arm provides comprehensive support and innovative strategies in areas such as Case Studies and Coding.

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PortraitPlace Stamp


The Portrait Place

The Portrait Place, established amidst the Covid-19 pandemic in July 2020, specializes in creating digital canvas art that transforms digital memories into cherished masterpieces. Dedicated to consistent quality, they believe in providing exceptional customer experiences, ensuring lasting success in the industry.

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